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One Morose Screamer Colours/inks by: Sunstar Lines by: Equanimity505 Lines by:

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Artist's Note

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This started out as an inking excercise. I found a tutorial online and I felt the need to ink something. Now Equanimity505had some rough sketches up in her scraps that I have been eyeballing. I chose her One Morose Starscream sketch for my practice.

I did not keep it totally intact. Her original sketch was rather rough and the weapons were a little too wonky for me to try to sort out. So...he's weaponless. I fiddled around with the brushes until I made an elliptical brush that could be suitable for inking.

I figured since Starscream no longer had his weapons... what was he feeling down about... Ahhh right, he was thrown in jail... Why was he thrown in jail? I am not sure. Perhaps drinking in public, or being rowdly... picking fights with the big boss.

I thought about this a little scene, and it fits quite well into a small ficlet I wrote a while ago. Titled Reflect on this.

This is a small excerpt from it.

"Now, I sit in total isolation within the confines of the brig so I may "reflect upon my errors". I may have made errors in judgement in the past, but this time I was within my rights. As second in command, I am supposed to question orders or point out flaws or give alternate ideas. It seems to be that I am punished unjustly for doing my job."

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