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Reflect on this By: Sunstar

Short Excerpts from Starscream's personal journal. I have often felt that Starscream carries around with him, a datapad in which he stores all manner of information, including his private journal. I suspect he does this because if Megatron ever got hold of it, Starscream would be shot. This page may have other additions if I feel the urge to write again from this perspective.

*Please note the dates in the journals are fictional dates and not the Date they were written*

Earthdate: 06.11.1997 Subject: Reflect on This

Earthdate: 08.17.1997 Subject: The One Truth

Reflect on This

User Name: Starscream
Password: **********
Personal log for: STARSCREAM
Earthdate: 06.11.1997
Subject: Reflect on this

My name is Starscream. Service Number SSS905-1. My rank is Lieutenant Commander of the Decepticon army, Aerospace Commander of the Decepticon flying units, specifically the Seeker division.

I have served under the brutal rule of Megatron since the day I left the Academy. Before that, I was a scientist and an explorer. I have had a few journals published that recount my efforts in the areas of exploration and science. My efforts to further science for my race was, at that time, well appreciated.

My skills in science have changed a little over the years, what I know I use to enhance our war efforts; creating weapons which will kill more efficiently. I explore the possibilities of new fuel and resources that also effect our war efforts. But of all the Decepticons, I, Starscream, am the most under appreciated.

My abilities are wasted most often, as it was during the raid we had earlier this day. We aim to get our objective and in the face of adversity, Megatron calls the retreat. I, being a Seeker, think in three dimensional terms. I have a tactical advantage of being a natural flier, gifted with very high velocity, which I can maintain for an extended period of time. I can see ways around things that someone like Megatron cannot. However, given my less than friendly relationship with our "fearless" leader, I am rarely taken seriously. Most often I am belittled, humiliated or blamed for the missions failure. As I was this time.

What can I say, Optimus Prime caught scent of our plans, either by a leak from our own headquarters, sloppy mission plans by Megatron himself, or the fact that humans watch our movement like hawks. But despite these problems I saw a hole in Optimus Prime's defensive plan. Megatron should have let me take Skywarp and Thundercracker so we could penetrate the weakness with our missiles. But, no, Megatron had "better" plans; Retreat.

It is always retreat. He does not have the courage to stand firm in the face of danger. I know when to call the retreat and I also know when to stand and fight and in this case, if I was calling the shots, I would have chosen to stand and fight.

I chose to disobey my orders to retreat and act on my own in order to take our objective. I had to do this alone. Thundercracker and Skywarp, being loyal toadies to Megatron, refused to give me their support. I flew in through the weak spot I had pointed out earlier and fired my payload of missiles. This worked wonders. The Autobots were suddenly in chaos as they ran to shelter and protect the humans that abounded. I understand that from time to time we are to ignore the pathetic insects which inhabit this world, but sometimes you need to take a weakness and make it your strength.

Alone, I flew in and collected the objective. A diamond of rare proportions which we had hoped to tip one of our new drilling devices. I radioed for backup; however, due to lack of support by my wingmates, who will remain unnamed for the rest of this log, I was unable to get away quickly enough. They managed to capture me in an energy net which slowed my progress out of the battle zone. I managed to escape captivity but not before the Autobots relieved me of the diamond.

This is the point where a retreat is an acceptable option. Firing my null rays I managed to get free of my captors and return to the other Decepticons. This is also the point where my efforts were, most notably, not appreciated. Megatron grabbed me by my wing and pulled me away from the other Decepticons. It was here he reamed me out for my so called "inability to carry out a simple mission".

I was just stunned. Utterly stunned. Megatron was the one who called the retreat. He was the one who ordered Skywarp and Thundercracker to ignore my orders. He was the one who did not lift a finger to send me backup when I requested it. If anyone was to blame for the loss of our objective, it was him.

Now, I sit in total isolation within the confines of the brig so I may "reflect upon my errors". I may have made errors in judgement in the past, but this time I was within my rights. As second in command, I am supposed to question orders or point out flaws or give alternate ideas. It seems to be that I am punished unjustly for doing my job.

Reflect on this, Megatron. Errors like this will cause others to turn against you, like I have. Watch your back because one day I will be coming for you.

- Starscream

The One Truth

User Name: Starscream
Password: **********
Personal log for: STARSCREAM
Earthdate: 08.17.1997
Subject: The one truth.

Being the second in command is not always as it seems. Well, on holo recordings that is.

The Autobot made holo datatracks, which are commonly displayed and often used by the Decepticons; a practice which is beyond me, displays us in such a bad light. A personal peeve of mine.

For example, it shows Megatron as a power hungry megalomaniac, he is not that bad...hmm, actually he is worse. Okay, next point as that was a very bad example. The Autobot holo-datatrack shows me as a simpering, whimpering, idiotic twit. Now if I was really that bad I would never have made it as far as I have. I would never have ever made it to be second in command. It is not an easy job but being a mechanoid, I am prone to mistakes from time to time. It also shows the Decepticons, as a whole, as a disorganised group of people who do nothing but infight. The Autobot holo-datatracks take a couple of our off, or colourful moments, and make it the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the slagging truth...

Damn that Dirge for making those "home movies" yes that was true. He got us with our masks off and he, unthinkingly messed with a really good plan that almost had the war won. Blast that Soundwave for not making sure the footage was correct. Fortunately, or unfortunately... depends on how you look at it and what you are planning to do with it. Autobots and other species, particularly the humans, are rather gullible and most will believe everything that they are shown.

Let me elaborate a bit more. Keeping in mind all people, Decepticons or Autobots have their off days; some seem to have it more often than others. It is natural for an individual to focus on the bad things and ignore the good that does occur. This is a particular problem with the media, and very often with propaganda media such as the Autobot holo-datatracks. They make us look like ineffectual twits. If we were really so disorderly, the Autobots would have triumphed long ago.

Such stories, although based in fact, are typically one sided biased and focused on the negative aspect of the enemy. History, as they say, is written by those who are victorious. History can be re-written and changed. Propaganda is formed and holes in the stories are created by the different re-tellings. Each historian tells the story from different bias, a different view and embellish them as they go. Such problems occurred in the Autobot holo-datatracks more often than it should have. The holes are obvious, but some are so blinded by the propaganda, they cannot see past it. Somehow, somewhere the truth gets lost.

What is the truth then? No one really knows. Only what may be the closest approximation to the truth. The eye-witness.

History is better written by those who have viewed its happening. Eye-witness accounts of battles, day to day living, thoughts and feelings build a better view of things. Personal testimonials; although, admittedly some of these these may be embellished. However, a private diary is most likely to hold what could be considered closest approximation to the truth. All thoughts, feelings and expressions go into it. Again it is one sided. Yet, when the historian gets hold of a journal or a diary, lets use my personal log for example, he may skip past all the boring, uninteresting, day to day logs and focus on the one where I describe a scheme, complain about Megatron's ineptitude, or the day when Skywarp catches me in a trap. They want to make it sound exciting. Trust me, sitting in hours and hours of Decepticon history lectures can be mind bogglingly boring or incredibly entertaining. It is all a matter of perspective.

Despite this, Decepticons have their own holo-datatracks. And they are shown quite often...along side the Autobot holo-datatracks, Ah, I think I understand something now. We, Decepticons, are not afraid of the truth. We do not mind showing our people what the enemy think of us, how the enemy view us. From the two, admittedly skewed perspectives, we figure that the truth meets somewhere in the middle.

So as I said, being second in command of the Decepticons is not always as it seems. Like today. Today was good and really, it was not worth writing about.

I expect a historian to ignore this entry.

Oddly, I think that even the Decepticons historians have skewed biases on how they view me... I think I need to make an example of them... and yes, One day I will rule the Decepticons. My time will come!

Now the historian will stop and read...

- Starscream