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Transformers The Game (Target Exclusive) review and cheat codes

A small review

The Transformers Movie Game was released in 2007 and has pretty good graphics. The Transformers look great and their transformations, if they have them, are fast.

Unfortunately, in spite of its good looks, it needs a fairly powerful computer to run. Any computer with the minimum requirements will probably find a tough time playing it. Games are supposed to be fun and generally speaking, the game play in this game is extremely aggravating without the aid of the various cheat codes.

The bonus materials, when you have worked to unlock it, is mediocre. The real treats of the bonus material are the generation one characters and "repaints" as well as access to the Cybertron levels.

It is fun, if you do not mind frustrating.

Cheat codes:

These codes are punched in when you get to a menu selection of Campaign, Bonus, and Options. You know you have punched the code correctly when the screen flashes white. You need to use your arrow pad keys and punch them in the order, described below.

To access characters, you need to select the bonus stuff, then the G1 characters and set them to on. Once you get them in game play they will show up as themselves. I hope these help

G1 Starscream (movie repaint): Right, down, left, left, down, up, up
G1 Megatron: Down, left, left, down, right, right, up
G1 Prime: Down, right, left, up, down, down, left
G1 Jazz: Left up, down, down, left, up, right
Robovision Prime: down, down, up, up, right, right, right
Infinate Health (Useful): Left, left, up, left, right, down, right.
Infinate Ammo (Useful): Up, down, left, right, up, up, down
No pesky, military or other things in your way (Really Useful): Right, left, right, left, right, left, right.
Cybertron Missions: Right, up, up, down, right, left, left
All Missions Available (Cybertron Included): Down, up, left, right, right, right, up, down

Please contact me if there are errors in these codes, thank-you.

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