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The Late Arrival By: Sunstar

Starscream flew across the sky, his weapons firing full as he aimed toward his Autobot foe. "DIE YOU WORTHLESS SCRAP!" he screamed as he unleashed a salvo of missiles.

The battle had gone on strong for two hours and the Decepticons were gaining ground, gaining victory. Megatron will be pleased, he thought as he surveyed the damage. He turned to circle back as he was hit directly in the middle of his fuselage with a laser blast.

Starscream shrieked as his diagnostic systems gave him dozens of warnings. Critical damage sustained. His systems demanded that he go into stasis in order to survive. I can't... he gasped as he barely issued a mayday as he was shunted off line and crashed into a stand of trees.

He woke up looking at the starry sky. He realised he had been out for several hours at least. He realised he had transformed during his crash and noted the damage on his person. Not that bad, he thought as he looked around. My self repair systems must have dealt with the pain.

He looked around himself again. Hmm, did they abandon me? He asked himself as he walked off to a clearing. Typical of Megatron, leave me for dead. I'll show him. Starscream launched himself into the sky and transformed.

He flew across the North American continent admiring the view of the night landscape below. It was not often he flew for so long over populated area without a warning from the humans to stay away. He took in the glistening lights as he soared toward the ocean and the Decepticon base.

"Starscream to base, I'm badly injured let me in," he called over his comms. He received only static. "Slag it all!" he cussed. "My comms must be damaged," but as he neared the spot in the ocean, the docking tower raised and the great metal jaw opened up. As he flew closer, Astrotrain and Blitzwing flew out and Starscream greeted them as he flew on in. Astrotrain and Blitzwing however, did not greet Starscream this was not unusual, but it irritated him nonetheless.

Starscream transformed and the tower lowered itself into the dark depths of the ocean. He waited until the tower finished its descent and he paced back and forth. The closeness of the tower had always caused him to feel uneasy. But he did not dwell on it, he pushed it out of his mind. It could be worse, he thought, I could be under billions of tons of salt water, oh wait...I am. He chuckled softly and shook his head as he stepped out.

The control room was bustling with life. Soundwave was sitting in Starscream's post, filling in. Starscream mused. Doesn't take long to fill in an empty spot around here. he mused. Everyone was busy and they did not look from their posts as he passed.

Starscream paused as Megatron strode into the room. He looked at Starscream for a moment and frowned and shook his head. Starscream flicked his wings and continued out of the control toward the repair bay.

"Rumble, report!" Megatron bellowed.

"Not good news..." Was all Starscream heard as he got out of earshot.

He walked quietly down the hall toward the repair bay. He peeked in door's window and hmmed as he pushed it open. A pair of Seeker medics glanced up from their paper work and stared with bright optics. "We better get Hook in here right away," the medic said urgently as he rushed forward.

"Yes you better," Starscream replied.

The Seeker medic hurried toward Starscream. "Primus, this is worse than we thought!"

"I am sure. I took a full shot to the chest and I am sure most of my systems are malfunctioning and..." He stopped mid sentence as the Seeker medic ran straight past him. Severely irritated, Starscream whirled around and saw Astrotrain and Blitzwing carrying something between them.

He looked at the darkened object. He could make out a smashed up wing, an arm hanging at an odd angle and then he noticed the face. He felt his systems go completely cold...

"No-it can't be..."

The Medic looked over and nodded. "Mark it in the database, Starscream is Dead On Arrival."