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Earthdate: April 11, 2006
Subject: DONATE!

Hey everyone who wants to stop and read this... But now you have an option to donate to this website. Any amount is fine, preferably with six zero's after the number ;o) Yes, I am only pulling a wing with you there, but feel free to make any donation you wish.

I hope to have a banner made specifically for the donations page soon. I am also hoping to get a shopping cart set up so folks may purchase bits various goods.

Site Renewal. I have renewed the domain name, for another four years. So in 2010 it has to be renewed again. This May 1st will mean the 4th year that the Unicorn Cottage Company has been on the internet and the second year that it has been known as Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary.

I have also added, Quasar, to the Art Page.

Look forward to more site updates as I think of them. Have fun!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: April 07, 2006
Subject: Great news!

Primus, two updates in under four days....

The Master Piece Starscream MP-03 is now available for pre-order. Get him while he's hot. For his purchase, I highly recommend Action Toy House for their superior customer service. Starscream is 119.99 Canadian there. Big bad toy store isn't bad either.

Quick note for site update.

Added HOC Dirge and Cybertron Sideways to my Friends of Starscream page.

I have just received my Decepticons Poison Find Your Fate book and I will hopefully get that scanned and put up soon. I used to have it years and years ago, but slag knows where it went. Now I bought this off E-bay I will likely find the book kicking around saying I'M HERE!!!!

I have also pre-ordered the Titanium Starscream from Big bad toy store. Chances are it will be on the shelves in Canada, if so...err..ugh... oh well. I just really hope I can find that Thundercracker. He looks like the one from War Within and that is an amazing alt-mode.

Anyway, the hunt for Thunderblast continues.

Until another day,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: April 04, 2006
Subject: Whoa

It has been over two months since I updated news on my site. That is seriously slacking... seriously slacking.

I have finally Decided to update the website to include a site map type page. This is because for some reason my banners do not like operating on all systems. Not sure why and it ticks me off. I hope that I will soon get my banners pointed into a new directory, that will effectively take the website down for a while... blegh... and it SO MUCH work

I have added several things to the website, in my Interesting bits and pieces page. Added are TF gift bag, Birthday cards and the valentines box I said I was going to add two months ago.

I have also added a couple vintage pieces to my Starscream's Shrine page. These include a vintage 1984 stamper, puzzle and a clip

Also recently added to the website are several art pieces.

Temple of Sunstorm: CG piece featuring Sunstorm in a meditative pose.
His Majesty King Starscream: Acrylic piece featuring a regal portrait of Starscream.
Megatron: A collaboration between SFP and myself
Cumulonimbus: A CG rendering of Skywarp and Sunstar's most angry and dangerous father.

Some photo comic cards:

Girls love evil (Valentines day)
A little Irish (St. Patrick's day)

As well as a photo comic

An Epithany.
Chick Magnet
Accidents Happen

I am also going to be pointing out that The Toronto Transformerscon is coming up on Saturday the 29th. The preregistration on the Transformerscon website is open until the 15th. I will see you there. Olive green pants, Grey shirt with Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary on the back of it.

I will be putting some art in to the art contest this year so wish me luck.

Anyway that is it for now!

Until my next update,

- Sunstar