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Earthdate: April, 30 2007
Subject: The Big FIVE OH and The Convention report.

Transformerscon as a dealer was a very very different experience from that of a buyer.

The Convention Report

I have had experience working for my parents with the antique shows in the past, but I have never really done this level of work with it. Our three hour trip to the convention started off with Burlington being the part. Simply because the bus we were waiting for had broken down; After that we made all the connections just like that.

I do not think I had ever been in Toronto Union Station with it so heavily populated with Trains and people. It was INSANE! We caught the subway then made our connection to the bus easily. It was very good fortune that this bus stopped out side of the Doubletree hotel. Made life so much easier.

Now it is a huge pity I did not take the time to do any Photographs. I brought my camera and did not once use it. hell, I did not even get pics of the table we were at or the guests that were there. So if anyone was there and got pictures of the table I was working (the one with the collection of Starscreams not for sale) please email me a shot or two.

I met Dahveed There, the fellow I was working with and the guy who owns and runs Toyhell and He was busy trying to shoot footage for a documentary which I am interested in seeing.

I was starving when we arrived and getting quite a headache from lack of coffee. I get huge headaches because I drink too much coffee. Ask anyone who knows me, I drink a lot of it. The night before the convention I did not sleep well. I was far too wired about the up coming events and quite normally I am until 2 - 4am depending. Some nights are impossible for me to sleep.

We get up at about 6:30 am and we head down to the convention dealer room where I finish setting up my collection. I brought with me about 30 Starscreams and vintage items as well as a few things to sell in hopes of making a little bit.

When it comes to going to the convention, it is recommended that you arrive early because things get snapped up. If you want a figure, get it when you see it as you'll kick yourself for not getting it. The doors of the convention opened at 10 am and from then on, it was pretty busy and steady. Dahveed was off filming and we were selling stuff.

I am very glad Caspar came along because it really needs two people to do something like this. You have to be on your full alert, watching, talking, selling, making notes and just knowing what you are doing. Both Caspar and I felt totally drained by the evening and drained all of Sunday too.

The downside of the day was the fact none of the panels were broadcasted into the dealer room as it had in previous years. This made the couple "slow periods" a dreadful bore. I did leave to get a couple signatures from Michael Bel. I could not leave too long because Caspar does not really know the difference between a Combaticon and a Aerialbot.

Now to go on an interesting or bizarre muse. I found it very interesting that if any questions are asked, they are automatically asked of Caspar. As I said, Caspar couldn't tell an energon cube from an energon star. He is dressed in a blue shirt with nothing remotely transfomerish on. I am, however, wearing a Decepticon pin, Decepticon hat and my shirt has a Decepticon symbol on it. They ask him because he is male.

Another interesting or a highlight was the interview I had by a freelance reporter woman. She asked me a number of Questions about female transfans, how common we are, what got us into the fandom and perhaps why there are not as many of us. We also touched on the collection I was displaying and a little bit about the upcoming movie. That was very interesting.

Caspar and I wondered if it would have been better to have stayed another night because the close down was rather "rushed" My family had arrived to take us home, spare us the gruelling trip back. I collected/paid for the items I had set aside and then we had to leave. I did wish I could have stayed longer, I am sure it would have been fun.

Caspar and I got home and we both had raging headaches. Again the lack of coffee was our issue but couple that with extreme fatigue and the fact I had not eaten anything but about 5 cookies, I was feeling like royal hell. I did have fun, don't get me wrong, but it was a very tiring experience.

Caspar and I eventually mustered the energy to get a chicken sandwich from McDonalds and then finally drop into bed.

I have to thank Dahveed for the very interesting experience. I wish I could have done more for him.

Now, for the goodies...

In Starscream's Shrine

The Starscream Count hits 50 and rising.

I did get three new Starscreams from the Convention. One I will get pics of later, but it is an odd ball...almost literally.

I got a Micron Legends Starscream. This figure has a lovely paint application. Better than Armada. And I picked up a knock off "Overized" Legends of Cybertron Starscream. This figure is nearly as big as my Galaxy Force figure. But with the basic form of Legends of Cybertron, ball and joint... I think the picture makes it look better than it was. Hehehe, it is interesting all the same though. I have to say it is very gaudy. I am not sure who chose the colours but they had to be colour blind. Nonetheless I do like it very much.

In Friends of Starscream

We have acquired the Generation One Skywarp Finally, I got my Seeker Triad.

In Comics

I have collected a couple more covers in attempt to complete some collections. Issue #2 A wrap around Starscream cover.

Transformers VS G.I. Joe WWII Series Issue #4 "Wolves"

And I had Michael Bell sign my Issue #2 Cover. I could had him sign any number of comic books... why an Autobot cover is beyond me but Sunstar works in odd ways.

And Finally

I did pick up some art work from both Matt Moylan and Alex Milne. I will be posting those on my site later this week. Both artists signed their works for me. I bought a print of Master of Treachery from Alex and the Lil Formers Spacebridge (TF/SG1 crossover) art.

So that was my weekend and the things that found their way home with me. I hope to resume my Thunderstruck Comic Adaptation this week but I am experiencing some Mouse or Computer issues. Pages 5 and 6 are Partly drawn up.

Until I get my animation Cel,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: April, 24 2007
Subject: Transformerscon This Saturday!

I hope to see you there!

I will be going there, It could be fun and games trying to get the bus up that way, but Sunstar is resourceful. I will be selling some items there, such as Comic Books, DVDs, Vintage Toys and Modern toys. Hopefully a few extra bucks to further my ability to collect.

Now, onto the GOOD stuff.

In Starscream's Shrine

HAH! We have a couple lovely items just this week. I am still waiting for my Animation Cell and my G1 Starscream sound pack. I do hope to get these before the convention. Added to my collection this week are:

The most beautiful PVC figure, thus far. The Act 1 Clear SCF Starscream. This figure spawned a couple bad puns which I will upload later this week or next. And also for the same Link you can view the Act 9 SCF Armada Starscream.

In Friends of Starscream

We have acquired the Series 2 Attacktix Skywarp which is a repaint of the Series One Starscream. He is quite sweet and has the same level of shooting power as the Starscream.

In Fan Art

Or should I give this a new title? Thunderstruck Comic Adaptation. We have added Pages3 and 4 to the site. I am currently drawing up Pages 5 and 6 together and they will be posted at roughly the same time. I won't get this done before the Convention. So hopefully next week or the week after will they be done. It is a very difficult piece and I am attempting to deliver the comic in other camera angles which means a forced learning of perspective. I do think I am starting to get the grasp of Perspective now as some of my sketches are looking "right"

I may update some of the site banners now I have more artwork kicking around.

In Comics

I have collected a couple more covers in attempt to complete some collections. Issue #0 of Infiltation. I am still hoping to acquire issues 1 - 3 of this series.

I have picked up Issue #2 of Escalation. This is not the cover I want, but it serves the purpose to making the series complete up to date. I am most curious about Starscream's condition/fate.

So, that is it for now. If I get my animation cell, I will post a new news journal but if I don't I will Post as soon as I have recovered from Transformerscon 2007!

- Sunstar

Earthdate: April, 14 2007
Subject: Transformerscon Toronto SOON!

April 28th is the day that Transformerscon in Toronto will be held. YES be there because I will be there. I will have a portion of my collection on display. No, I won't be selling it. I will be in league with Tfawards will be shooting footage for his documentary project. Which, sounds very interesting. From the sounds of it, it's like the trekkie documentary a few years back.

So this is very exciting!

Coming Soon

Well very soon we shall be seeing some new and interesting things in the various sections of this website. I thought I had managed to land the proper G2 Starscream tail stabiliser, but it appears I misjudged the colour and picked up a G1 version. No matter, this is all good because it is still the correct stabiliser and if no one looks close, they won't be able to tell. This will suffice until I can get a proper G2 stabiliser. I have just bought a G2 light and sound pack for him and I just received his instructions. So once I solve the stabiliser issue and get the single missile I need for him Generation Two Starscream will be complete. He really does look sweet, even if he is salmon Pink. I will take new pics as soon as I get all required parts. (tail stabiliser aside)

Also coming is the PVC Super Collectors Figure Armada Starscream. We are not talking about the big one but the fellow who is HOC sized. I will start looking for the "pewter" coloured variant soon. I have also managed to land the Clear (not ghost) Starscream figure from Act 1. I am still looking for the Act 5 Clear Ghost Starscream. I understand he is quite beautiful.

I have purchased something very interesting which I have yet to decide what the slag to do with it. It is the Beast Machines 2 Starscream Animation Cell with the original drawing. This is very cool stuff. In all honesty, I would like to get an Original G1 Animation Cell of Starscream. That would be the perfect topper to my collection.

Another figure which will be finding his way into my collection is the Attacktix Skywarp. He is a repaint of the Cybertron Starscream and comes with a bright blue missile. Truthfully, I did not need him, but I would like to have a complete collection of Seekers for once. Hasbro has this irritating tendency to make characters everyone will want and turn them into "overpriced" exclusives which gives problems for those who wish to have these characters at an affordable cost.

Other than the movie stuff, I am starting to "run out" of screamer articles to get. If you are aware of anything I do not have, include very odd things like piggy banks, beach balls or whatever; contact me.

In Fan Art

I have been a busy busy lately with some various projects.

I will start with the commission that I requested of Charger426 Phoenix VS Starscream. A battle between bondmates.

A brilliant little cartoon drawing called Starscream's Sweetheart which is drawn by Blackhellcat on Deviantart. It portrays a rather sexy looking Phoenix character.

Phoenix's Head. A darling little disembodied head of Thunderstruck, the comic. Which has been sketched, inked and coloured by myself. It is based upon Thunderstruck, a fanfic I wrote a couple years ago. So far I have three pages illustrated and I was given a sketch of a "variant" cover as well. I have page three drawn out and I am currently inking it so I can colour it. Should be up soon after I redo two panels. I am contemplating, just for fun, to add an "advert" page to the comic book. I will not be having an SHTML version of this comic adaptation

I think that's it in the art department.

In Fan Fictions

I have just written a somewhat violent story, titled In Comics

I have picked up the latest Movie Prequel comic book, Issue #3. it is really quite cool and has some interesting G1 cameos as well as a tie-in to the Beagle Teaser Trailer. It is a definite must have for those who want to see the movie.

I also picked up another random issue. This time we are looking at the Devils Due Publishing G.I. Joe VS Transformers II Issue 1. This comic has the Night Raven version of Starscream on its cover. I have also added two of my MTMTE issues. I only have two, but I think they may be worth it to get the others. You can find these books in the Misc section of my comics page.

So I do think this is all for now, I hope you enjoy these updates and see you when I get more goodies!

- Sunstar