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Earthdate: August, 26 2007
Subject: Hey Everyone!

First of all, I would like to give thanks to all those who have either PMed me on various boards with feed back on my website and fics, art or whatever you enjoyed. It's great to know that people stop by and have a look. So, thanks to all of you.

Now for my nitty gritty.

There has not been a whole lot for me to talk about recently which is a sort of a bummer. There could be so much going on, but here in Canada, there seems to be so little in the way of Transformers movie items; which is both good and bad. I keep an optic on for movie things but there isn't much; truly a disappointment.

However, I have found somethings out there that I couldn't resist, they shall follow shortly.

In Friends of Starscream

Ah, Robot Heroes, absolutely adorable figures with a sort of "you can't help but love them" sort of charm. We have picked up a Thundercracker. He needed a home, and I said I would take one. I am glad, he is adorable, but now....I need to get Skywarp. So please, help me get Skywarp. He comes in a Walmart exclusive set, and try as I might, I can't find it. I would truly prefer just to get the Skywarp figure, but all of them would be okay.

Here is a pic of my current Thundercracker collection.

Click to see full size
Thundercracker Group Shot

In Toys and Games Comics

I have had it for quite a while but I only just put it up. I've added issue two of the Megatron Origins series, and I need to check to see if issue three is available. It's really good and I have nothing but praise for this series. I am enjoying this take on how the Decepticons have come into being. I noticed that one of the "integrated weapons systems" seem to look very much like Starscream's arm.

And the Galvatron Spotlight issue. These are simply put, one shot character oriented issues. I think they represent characters as we haven't seen them before, perhaps a bit of their origins as well. I am really hoping that Starscream gets a one shot issue as well and I hope it will be of an origins type. How he came to be the character he is today. What he was as a scientist or an explorer. I suspect I will be getting mostly Seeker related Spotlights when they come.

In the Thunderscream Files

Scorponok. He's a giant robotic scorpian, which is pretty cool; however, Thunderscream explores this figure in greater detail, pointing out the pros and cons in a very professional and intelligent manner.

In The Movie Vault

New school supplies. The layout has a few "issues" but that will be solved easily enough, simply add a couple more pictures should do the trick. Most of the movie Supplies I have seen up until this time have all been Autobot related; specifically Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

I understand that they are the Heroes of the movie and most will root for the good guys and many parents would prefer their offspring to want to be like the good guys, but there are those of us who just won't bend and we really want to see the bad guys promoted on items as well. I managed to find the backpack and pencil case, of Decepticon style, in a shoppers Drugmart. I was impressed and pleased. My husband was most likely dismayed. So, I picked them up. He did not object so I don't think there was much of a problem with it anyway.

I have heard there are binders, note books, pencils and whatnot out there, but hell if I can find the things. I have looked all over this city and as I stated in the entry of this journal, it seems that Canada is just not with the whole Transformers thing.

So I am on the lookout for anything...interesting.

In Upcoming Stuff

G1 Coloured Movie Starscream! Finally, I located a seller on Ebay who is selling it for what would be almost "normal" price in Canada IF we had a Target, which we do not. He was also offering a "bonus" Target transforming gift card (no money on it) with it, which appeals to me because I was hoping to get one of those too. So this makes me quite happy.

Wish List

And finally, before I sign off, I would like to post what I am looking for in the way of figures.

Clear Coloured SCF (Ghost) Starscream
Reversed Nightscream (Energon/Superlink)
Hellscream (Cybershark) (BW2)
Japanese clear Protoform Starscream (Interested if it's not too expensive)
Attacktix (Energon Starscream Jet)
Attacktix (Generation One Starscream)
Attacktix (Movie Starscream)
Movie Legends Starscream
Walmart Repaint of MP-03
Anything Starscream I am not aware of.

(I would like...but unlikely to get at the moment)

Japanese Clear Protoform Starscream (exclusive)

So that is it for now, I hope this site is useful to you and you have enjoyed browsing. If you wish, contact me at the email in the footer or PM me on one of the message boards I frequent. If you need to know, I am Starscream on the Sanctuary Message Board and Sunstar everywhere else. Thanks again to you all,

- Sunstar