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Earthdate: December 30, 2006
Subject: Farewell 2006

2006 has been a very good year for us transformers fans. We have seen the new line of classics transformers, Titanium Transformers and the release of Masterpiece Starscream. It has also been a year of very mixed feelings in regard to the soon to be coming Transformers the Movie in 2007.

I feel 2007, with the movie and without will be a very intense time for all the fans and non fans alike. There should be a fair amount of real cool movie related goodies. Watches, for one, is what I am hoping for and anything with the Decepticon insignia.

I have put two transformers into pre-order and I am hoping someone might keep an eye out for the Skywarp Ultra Magnus Classics two pack for me. If found, contact me at the email on the footer of the page or PM me on the forum.

My pre-ordered items are Titanium Starscream and Classics Ramjet. I hope to get a chance to get Titanium Sunstorm and I pray for Titanium Skywarp too. These are figures I really really like.

In Toys and Games

I have been working on some of the remaining pages in this section. The one page, which is going to basically need to be rewriten is the original board game page. It looks like total crap with the right hand menu thing over lapping it. It's taking time as I figure it out.

In this section I have just amalgamated the Puzzle pages into one page and I am working to to bring the other pages into the current standard of the site.

I have also updated the Prisoner's of Starscream page...which is "A collection of miscellaneous toys such as Autobots, Gobots and some random Decepticons and whatnot. "

Newly added to the site is, my small collection of comics. I am not a huge collector of these things, but there are a few that do strike my fancy. I have more than I have currently up, however, I would like to figure out what order they belong in and perhaps complete their series before posting it.

In Fan Art

It is high time, and for some reason I had not posted it sooner. I have finally added the acrylic painting of Skywarp to the Fan art page. This particular piece was done as a birthday gift for Phoenix as she is a big Skywarp fan.

Anyway, I do believe I have covered all my bases. I am contemplating a re-think on the right hand side of the site as I am not too happy with how my latest additions look. Also, if I am given a good few hours of total peace, I may change the font colours on the website to be a bit brighter. I tried once, but somehow it did not save and that annoyed me.

Until next year...

- Sunstar

Earthdate: December 26, 2006
Subject: Seeker's Greetings

Well, were we are again at the climax of yet another holiday season. The weather in my area has been very mild with no snow. It is a green Christmas and the grass is still growing. Put away the snow blowers and break out the lawn mowers.

I figure we are going to get slammed by the time January rolls around; as the old saying goes, it's always colder before the dawn and the first two months of the year are usually brutally cold.

I hope that all of you out there had a pleasant day yesterday with your friends and family. Mine was fine with the exception of a small amount of stupidity upon my part. I threw my neck out. I will not go into details.

In the Friends of Starscream

I am thrilled to say I got two transformers yesterday at the holiday gift exchange with my family. I have now added the 6 inch Titanium Thundercracker to my collection as well as the cute little 3 inch Titanium Thundercracker.

Both can be seen at this link Titanium Transformers.

Thundercracker is an absolutely beautiful transformer so I am eagerly anticipating the Titanium Starscream and most likely the Titanium Sunstorm.

In Sunstar's hands

I picked up the movie Adaptation comic #3 a few days ago and today I did pick up Transformers Armada, Season 1 Part 2. This completes my Transformers Armada collection. I have not had a chance to watch this yet, but I am quite eager to see it. The second half of Armada has, by far, the best episodes of the series.

I am hoping to find Energon and Cybertron series released as a set like Armada and Generation 1. Despite not caring much for Energon, I feel it might be fun to get anyway.

What I really want to see is Cybertron because it was one of the best portrayals of Starscream since his generation one appearance. He is very "bad aft" in it.

Anyway, I think that is all for now, until again

- Sunstar

Earthdate: December 16, 2006
Subject: A bit prolific

I am noticing preorders up for the 3 inch titanium Starscream I may put in my preorder soon. We shall see. I also understand Sunstorm will be released of the same design. I hope for Skywarp as well. Speaking of Skywarp, there will be the Ultra Magnus and Skywarp two pack for the Classics line. This irks me as it is only available at Target in the USA. Sunstar would like this Skywarp, he's really quite pretty.

I have found transformers I want... *sigh* if only I could find them locally and not overpriced like they were in Toronto. I am hoping that Seeker Claus will pick them up for me.

You don't know about Seeker Claus?

Seeker Claus is a dangerous fellow. Red and white and has eight tiny minicons who help him with his slay. He flies from city to city dropping payloads of toys and bombs on people who have been naughty and nice. To get in his good books you must leave bribes of energon and cards that are thick with flattery.

Keep your doors unlocked because Seeker Claus does not come through chimneys. No chimneys make his armour all sooty and black and he is dreadfully claustrophobic. He likes to maintain his appearance. If the doors are locked, Seeker Claus may simply blast a hole in the wall to deposit his toys on your bed, the floor, in the kitchen or bathroom...never under the tree.

So that is Seeker Claus. Yes, I am insane.

In Fan Fictions

It appears in my last update I had somehow forgotten to mention that I had uploaded a new fic to my site. This fic is entitled Sky Cities. Sky Cities is a story told by Thundercracker to Starscream about a time, before Starscream's time, when Seekers were a very powerful race.

Enemy of the Cause is a very long overdue fic. It was started nearly two years ago and I had been...for some reason, delayed in completing it. Thankfully it is completed! The final chapter is Escape. I recommend reading it front to back to get caught up.

In Fan Art

I had a similar problem with missing updates in my last new posting. I clean forgot to add that I had posted a small Photocomic, Return to Earth.

Newly added has been Seekers Greetings 2006. This years holiday wishes with a humorous twist.

I think those are all I have to add right now, please keep an optic open on the right hand side of the page.

Have a great day, until next time...

- Sunstar

Earthdate: December 12, 2006
Subject: Happy December

Well, the silly season is barrelling down upon all of us and the hunt for Transformer toys has come to a halt. I hold the very minor hope that I may, in fact, find something that I actually want.

I am slowly taking a look through my fics and art and trying to work on things I have yet to finish. I have very little ideas currently so not is the time to pick up the slack and finish my other works.

In Fan Art

Here we have one of those finally "finished works" Starscream in Battle.

I started it some months ago and never completely finished it. I pulled it out, dusted it off and did what was left and had it ready to post. To be honest, a few of the reasons it was delayed in completion was my computer crashed, Photoshop kept going down with that particular file and it gave me an all around bad time.

I also included a short story with it.

I think that is about it for today, see you later!

- Sunstar