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Earthdate: October, 24 2007
Subject: Big Apologies.

Sorry for no recent updates.

It has been very slow in the way of collecting figures lately. I have most of what I want and that which I don't have, I am sort of holding out for. I have been worried that the new Hasbro version of Masterpiece Starscream will be a Black Friday Exclusive at Wal-mart. This bothers me because I could head out that way and not get slag all and that is the only Wal-mart that is within my range.

Rant Over, now to let you know what I have managed to acquire in the way of goodies over the past month.

Comics: Potential Spoiler Warning

Not posted on the site quite yet, I will do a big group of them once I get the issues #4 of Megatron Origins and Devastation #2. So far Megatron Origins #3 and Devastation #1 were really awesome books.

So far in Megatron #3 Starscream appears to have pulled the traitor card. In Devastation #1 Starscream appears to be alive and in stasis in a clear fluid filled tube somewhere in the bunker. Needless to say, Megatron has made Starscream's name a crime to utter and the room he is being kept in is off limits. It appears that Starscream may have a big role yet.

Movie related things:

I got a really neat tee-shirt recently. It has a battery powered, flashing Decepticon Insignia. It's great at night and gives me what appears to be total "geekitis". Also adding to the geekitude is the Decepticon Insignia plush pillow. These two items are courtesy of Caspar.

Cymru-Dragon picked up a radio scanner device from England that can be stored in an Autobot Insignia Case. Thus far, I have not seen it in Canada.

And I have picked up the two disk Transformers DVD from Music World. There were all sorts of "exclusives" but other than best buy, which was out of my range, there was nothing that stood out.

There are new toys and figures coming up in the near future. Classics from Takara, Hasbro Masterpiece, Diamond Select Busts, Animated Starscream, Robot heroes and 3" Titanium. I am looking for all of these.

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the lack of updates recently.

- Sunstar