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Earthdate: November 30, 2006
Subject: Last November Note.

My Fellow Decepticons...

I have to make a note before the Month of November ends.

Watch the right hand sidebar now. I am thinking of adding a note of updates there as well as here. I just feel I am more apt to update the side bar than I am to sit down for thirty minutes to hour to type out this.

Everyone remember that the holiday season, for all its thrill and joy, is by far the most stressful time of year. It is for me, for you and for those folk who are employed in the retail end of business. Try to remember to smile and be cheerful with those people as they are taking the brunt of holiday frustrations.

It is an insane time of year, but it should be a time of happiness. It is also a very dark time of year and the lack of sunlight has an effect on some people. However, the bright side of this dark half of the year is that the days will be getting longer once again in just under a month.

In Sunstar's Hands

Currently I have picked up two of Animated Movie Adaptations Comics. They are pretty good. It follows the movie at an expedited pace. Also some of the scenes are taken at a different angle. I will say that they are also slightly disappointing. I had hoped that some aspects of the movie would be clarified...particularly in regards to Starscream's rise to the throne. I had always wondered how did Starscream win that fight on Astrotrain. Did he stand back until the victor of the melee had worn himself out and take him down then? How and Why. I feel that the Movie Adaptation would have been better suited to a 6 or an 8 book release with the same amount of pages in each. Make it longer and add a bit to the scenes.

But despite my disappointment, I am really keen on this series. I will get the other two for sure. The next book is slated to be released December 6th, that is a Wednesday. I will be there to pick mine up.

In Fan Art

DCjosh, an artist on Devinatart as well as an artist for IDW comics, posted a line drawing of MP-03 Starscream in flight. I have had a terrible artist's and writers block recently which is driving me insane. Anyway I got his permission to colour that drawing...and I feel it turned out incredibly well.

I have it posted here at the Sanctuary. I've titled it Soaring at Sunset

One final note before I sign off. I have been working on banners once again. So keep an optic open for them. I tend to change them as time goes on. This freshens the site and gives people indication that I am around and updating.

Until another day,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: November 21, 2006
Subject: Bits and Bolts

This is a long over due update... my apologies. I hope to get out this week to get the comic adaptations of TF:TM IDW comics Issue one had been released some time ago and on Wednesday Issue 2 is released. I am more than certain in #2 we will be seeing Starscream's death, again, in glorious Technicolor. May he rest in peace. I hope I can pick up my two reserved copies by Friday at the latest.

Also, at Cinema one in Burlington Ontario, the second set of Transformers Armada has been released. I really would like that one soon... So much goodies and so little time.

Another exciting thing has come to my attention. A transformers G1 based chess board will be for sale. It is very expensive, but it might be worth getting. It is something I have imagined, I never realised how close that possibility was. For those who are wondering, Starscream is a Knight.

In Starscream Generations

Thank you Thunderscream for going through the Masterpiece Starscream entry for the Starscream Generations project. That was a rather long project which took a while to write, and ultimately, rewrite. There was a lot of material that needed to be covered about that particular toy. Things such as what toy was it that the original teaser sketches came out with. What is the actual scale of the jet to a real jet. If you have the information I require or more, please contact me.

In Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary Forum

Just a reminder that the forum is not a place to join for the sole purpose of advertising websites. I would advise reading the forum's FAQ and the details on the registration form before registration. We have been seeing some growth over the past week or so, this may be due in part to the recent release of Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary edition. I welcome anyone who has not had the opportunity to join our forum. Come and mingle; join the insanity.

So that is it for now, time to sign out...

- Sunstar

Earthdate: November 11, 2006
Subject: Lest we Forget

We must remember those who have given their lives in the name of their country, regardless of what side they were on; the "good" or the "evil". Everyone, regardless of their banner, had family, friends and those who loved and cared for them. We remember those who sacrificed their lives in the various wars and for what they believed was right.

So to all the fallen warriors; we will remember you.

In Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary

Okay, culture shock to all, I have added a right hand banner to my site. I am not entirely sure what everyone thinks of it. I am sure a few will feel it unnecessary. But I feel that it frames the site. I have basically been planning this from the outset. I was slowly attempting to learn how to use the CSS format and I did not want to blow any fuses.

There are some problems, namely for firefox users. I am currently trying to figure out what it is I need to change so that it will work well and look proper for you. Please be advised to report any real problems to Website problem reporting thread Alternatively you can use the email address below to contact me and let me know. I will try to sort out these problems as quick as I can.

I have also gone in a direction I did not initially want to go into. I have added Google Adsense adverts to the right side of the page. Hopefully these will not produce any annoying pop ups for anyone.

Also, I have added a Deviantart pastie to the page. I felt that this might be a neat thing to try. I can change the pastie to show my featured Deviation, which is at this time, His Majesty King Starscream. And, since Thunderscream pointed it out, I decided to add a little help/tips section. So hopefully it is clear what the little cross hairs mean.

So again, we are trouble shooting it and hopefully the next task is to make the sanctuary more universal.

In Sunstar's Hands

I picked up the 20th anniversary DVD from HMV on November 7th. It came with a promotional Tee-shirt. I am not sure if I wish to wear that, or if I wish to get it signed by Transformers celebrities. Wearing it is just a little...hmmm. Everyone knows that Sunstar is a Decepticon and this shirt has a huge Autobot insignia on it. Other sources had a iron on Autobot insignia patch or the transforming cover.

So that is it for now, Thanks to you all

- Sunstar

Earthdate: November 1, 2006
Subject: Slight updates

First of all, I wish to wish everyone a very Happy Hallowe'en, one day late. I was busy with things. Anyway there is a Hallowe'en card that I did make up for the day.

Now I think about it there was a lot going on over the past week. I took Dr. Archeville from the MP-03 and painted him up to look anime accurate. I think I did a bang up job on him if I say so myself. I have him linked into my Starscream's Shrine page, but I will give him his own page soon enough on the Fan Art section.

In Friends of Starscream

Another addition to my collection is reissue Thundercracker. He was given to me by Soundwave. Thank you so very much. Now this means I have to get Skywarp. Then I will have to get Ramjet and Dirge.

Also, you may note, I have reorganised the Friends of Starscream page. It now looks more like the standard I have for Starscream's shrine.

Because of the additions to my collection over the past 10 days, give or take, I have reorganised my personal display cabinet. Something is screaming a) get another cabinet, and b) Get a track light set up. Unfortunately MP-03's size and base tends to reduce the amount of light that falls on the rest of the collection. Those which are at the bottom seem to have a certain lack of light.

In Transformers News

Good things to come: Transformers the Movie 20th anniversary DVD is set for release on November 7th. Check the stores, they should be there. If not, harass them.

Anyway, that is a bout it for now.

Have a great November.

- Sunstar