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Earthdate: October 25, 2006
Subject: Upgrades complete

Thanks to NRSmedia, the forum upgrades have been completed and very quickly. He hopes that future upgrades will go as smoothly as they did tonight.

I have added a menu feature for Starscream's shrine. This is to make it easier to travel between the pictures.

Just a note to those who might be curious, the New target indicates a new posting. It will be up for a couple weeks give or take.

In Starscream Generations

Well, we have had some more new additions to the Starscream Generations page. Wonderful additions such as an updated entry for Universe, A new entry for the Hard Hero Bust, Heroes of Cybertron, Attacktix Starscream and the more recent Classics Starscream. The Masterpiece Starscream entry will be forthcoming. Entries yet to be written are the Palisades mini statues, Mega SCF, Myclone and a few vintage articles.

My thanks goes out to Thunderscream for his kind efforts.

Anyway, that is all for now. Until the great day when MP-03's entry is posted...

- Sunstar

Earthdate: October 23, 2006
Subject: Toys Expo, MP-03, Classics and Forum Upgrades

First of all, I would like to announce the pending downtime of Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary Forum on tuesday Oct, 24th at 10pm until about Wednesday Oct, 25 at 1am. This is due to a forum upgrade. We expect this upgrade to go smoothly.

In Starscream's Shrine

The Starwars and 80's Toy's expo was better than I had expected. I got two more of those Decepticon pins, which is cool. I think I have nearly enough of them to wear a new pin every day of the week. It was 10 dollars to get in and has two rooms of lots of 80's toys and a large amount of Transformery goodness.

This is where I picked up MP-03 Starscream and got Classics Starscream as an early birthday present. There is absolutely no comparison between MP-03 and Classics Starscream. I found the classics fellow nearly anticlimactic after getting MP-03.

Masterpiece Starscream is a truly beautiful figure. Wonderfully detailed; he is the king of Decepticon transformers. I am very impressed with him. I admit to some trepidation with the possibility of odd missing part, broken parts and whatnot. However, he was complete and transformed fine. Okay, he was a bit tough to transform. His red is not as pink as it appears in the photos on the internet. He is actually a rather deep red colour. His body colour is a deep slate blue-green colour, but it is not turquoise like some images show.

In regards to his lack of diecast body, I think I can understand very well why this is. His seams and joins are very tight and flush to one another. If he was metal, he would have to be painted and a gap left in order to transform him without totally slagging the paint. Also fine razor edge details like his vertical stabilisers would be thick and ungainly. I lack words on how impressed I am.

Classics is a sweet G1 looking colour scheme, but he is no masterpiece. However, I will be enjoying his part in my collection.

Take a look in the Shrine, for new images. I still need to get more of MP-03, there is just so much to shoot. MP-03 and Classics

Enjoy! I hope to have the additional information on both Transformers added to Starscream's Generations within the next couple weeks.

Until another day,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: October 16, 2006
Subject: Bad command or file name

There is nothing wrong with the website, just the webmaster. I've been coding HTML pages all weekend and I am slowly...or quickly, going bat slag insane.

I have been at this all day long, going though the pages a section at a time now. However this website has well over 300 pages that I must do in both SHTML and PHP. PHP is my main system, but should the PHP go down, I will turn the SHTML version on.

I also do this website all myself. So the coding is only done by me and it is done in notepad. Yeah, I do a lot of cut and paste, but it is still a lot of work for one person. I hope that navigation is not too difficult in the mean time. What I am trying to do is make it look tidier and more professional.

Also, while I am coming to them, I am cleaning-clearing up my paintings and sketches in the arts section. They're a bit hazy and adjusting the levels gets them looking more like they really are.

Anyway, that's it for now.

- Sunstar

Earthdate: October 11, 2006
Subject: Good things come in late packages.

Finally! After weeks of perfect postal chaos, the E-hobby black Starscream has finally arrived. To explain the postal mess up on the other side of the border, Starscream was put into the "wrong type of box".

Here on my side of the border, the notice of delivery just did not arrive into my hands. What usually happens is a postal worker arrives at the building and calls up to inform me of the delivery. If I do not answer, they drop a card in my mail box saying, pick up at 1pm tomorrow. Neither of this happened. I received a final pickup notice today in the mail. Thank Primus I found it. With that in hand I hurried out to get my parcel.

In Starscream's Shrine

So in Starscream's shrine we have the obvious new addition. Black Starscream. I am more impressed with this particular toy than I had thought. He has a very nice feel to him. What surprised me, and I have seen pics of him before, but it never actually registered in my mind, was that his face was light grey as opposed to his original incarnation's black. A few other reverse colours were where his wings connect to the body, that was grey and his landing gear was grey.

Black Starscream feels nice. He's wonderful to the touch. He feels far sturdier than his ghost partner. He is a very smart looking toy. I was told by someone once that Black Starscream was a great addition to a collection. I am very pleased to now have him part of my collection.

In Friends of Starscream

Legends of Cybertron Sunstorm has been added to this page. I found him this past weekend while browsing through Zellers. I had ordered him a while ago from a different store but they went belly up. I am tickled by these little Cybertron Seekers. They are really quite addictive, and I would love to get my hands on more. Repaints possibly or simply because to have a tiny fleet of them to go beside my WST Seekers.

So that's it for now, until another day... MP-03 Perhaps?

- Sunstar

Earthdate: October 06, 2006
Subject: New Photos

Thought I would let everyone know that on Oct. 22, 2006 there will be an 80's toy convention at the Holiday Inn in Burlington Ontario. That is actually, just down the road from me... well 5km. This could be great. Admission is 10 dollars and there should be much 80's toy goodness, including transformers. Apparently there are a number of the dealers from Transformerscon there as well.

In Starscream's Shrine

Well, about three days of gruelling re-photographing of all my Starscream toys. I hope to get the rest of my transformers done soon with my new set up. I am trying to get better, brighter pictures. I have also attempted to re-organise the page. There is still much work to be done. I have hopes to integrate the images on the page with links to the Starscream generations page.

Not only have I taken better pictures, I have taken more. Pictures of both alt and robot modes and pictures that display weapons or accessories. Check them out Here.

I have a few pictures yet to be done. Cybertron Supreme Starscream does pose a level of difficulty due to his size. Also Energon Starscream really stresses me out when I attempt to transform him. I fear that I will break his arms off. The joint seems terribly weak and tight to me. I fear that too much force will snap it off. As soon as I can get myself to transform him, I will and I will have the pictures along with weapons displayed properly.

As I said on the Starscream's shrine page. My collection is by no means complete. But it is a decent sampling of the Starscream toys which are available.

More pictures, toys and entries to Starscream Generations is forthcoming.

Until then,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: October 01, 2006
Subject: Autumn Updates

Well, here we have it, marching into the dark half of the year. But it is not so dark here at the Sanctuary. Good fuel, sweets, mulled apple cider and warmth is what we supply. As soon as Hallowe'en passes, we will experience much fun as the "silly season" approaches. I expect that we shall find much Transformer toy goodness in the stores this season. I will be looking. I am always looking.

In Starscream Generations

Here we have it, four more additions to the ongoing project of the Starscream Generations page. We have added the following: Galaxy Force Starscream, Cybertron Starscream, Legends of Cybertron Starscream, 3 Inch Titanium Starscream.

I hope the information here is accurate as well as useful. Pages which are still in the works are the Attacktix, Robot Masters, Hard Hero Starscream Bust, Heroes of Cybertron, WSTF Starscream and MP-03 Starscream. MP-03 will not go up until I have had a chance to fully experience the toy.

In Starscream's Shrine

I have been looking around the stores this afternoon just checking what is available to get. I have seen the Titaniums in the Mapleview Mall Sears store in Burlington Ontario. These include the 6 inch titanium Megatron and Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime looks really shoddy when it comes to paint job. To be honest, I would probably paint it myself in the end. If I was interested in Prime, that is.

I have seen some of the Legends of Cybertron, but none of Sunstorm. This is irritating me as a store I asked to order him, have not. I feel the same thing will happen with the Classics Starscream that I requested. I will simply have to find them on my own elsewhere. Perhaps Zellers.

More news on the MP-03 front. Starscream has shown to be made mostly of plastic with a diecast metal frame to which all the parts are connected. This will not stop me though, he is still an incredible transformers and it is possible that the reason for his plastic parts is a) because if he was all metal it would break the stand he is on. b) the plastic will allow for the incredible details which he is covered in.

I have seen the detailed pictures of the toy as I have yet to receive my own. The attention to detail is just wonderful. Starscream has his motto: Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies" across his fuselage on both sides. He has stickers, so you can choose to apply or have him as a realistic looking F-15 jet. I am uncertain yet if these are just stickers or decals.

Dr. Archeville is probably the sore point, from my understanding of the toy. He lacks in paint. Just his jacket is painted. When I get this, I will see what his details are like and probably hand paint the entire Archeville figure myself.

Rumour/news has it that Takara was asked by Hasbro to create the MP-03 Starscream and that Hasbro may release him in the future in his cartoon accurate colours. This is good as well as bad; Hasbro loves to make the weapons and things over sized and ugly.

So that is it for now. Until later,