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Titanium Optimus Prime Reviewed by Thunderscream

Easily one of the most recognizable characters in the Transformers line, it was inevitable that Optimus Prime would be released in the Titanium line. Along with Megatron, he comes in the first wave of figures, not unexpected, considering he's the fabled leader of the Autobots.

Robot Mode

Optimus Prime is packaged already in his robot mode, so this is where his review starts. With Optimus, there is truth in advertising, as he stands approx. 6 inches tall and comes in his classic red, blue, and gray colors everyone is so familiar with. He does have a splash of yellow in his headlights and sholder panels amd even a passing glimpse of this figure reveals black spray on the front of his chest, giving him a sort of "gritty" appearance, which is what one would expect from one who has spent much of his time on a war-torn planet. It's a nice detail that could have easily been overlooked. As anyone familiar with Transformers is aware, this Optimus mold is based on his appearance in the popular Dreamwave "The War Within" comics.

Optimus has twelve points of articulation on his arms, legs, chest and head. He is a little loose, esepcially around the chest, and his arm's can easily pop out of position, but over all, he's not nearly as loose as Titanium Megatron and can be posed considerably better. Another nice touch was the inclusion of his famous laser rifle cannon, which, unlike the rest of him, has little difference from his original G1 weapon. The designers could have easily over looked this feature; it's good they didn't. Both of his hands are molded so that he can hold it, though one needs to note that it's rather easy to push his hands into his arms when trying.


As one might expect from a figure of this size, Optimus is relatively simple to transform. The directions may be needed for a few steps, but it won't take long for one to get the hang of it.

First, remove Prime's rifle and set it aside. Next, push the lower legs together until a pair of pegs clicks in their holes. Flip the feet down and push the legs up. Flip the chest up, push the head down, and set the cab windows down so that it's flush. Rotate the hips and legs so that the wheels are facing to the ground. Flip the arms back, push the shoulder panels back, and push the hands in. Turn the lower arms so that pegs on the shoulder panels fit in and push the arms up against the cab, fitting pegs into the holes of the main body. Finally, slide the rifle into a small hole behind the cab. Optimus Prime is now in vehcile mode.

Alternate Mode: War Within Pyramid Jet

Everything about Titanium Optimus Prime is meant evoke the air of his War Within appearance, and his vehicle mode is no exception. This best way to describle this mode is as a Cybertronian version of his G1 cab form, which was the intent when it was deisgned. Though he has no articulation in this form, as one would expect, he does come with six very large wheels and can roll quite nicely when on a smooth surface.

Some fans may be disappointed that he doesn't come with a trailer, as he was seen with one in the comics. Considering the limitations of the Titanium line, this is not a detraction. Another nice feature is the ability to "store" Prime's laser rifle in this mode, something that, like Masterpeice Prime, could have easily been overlooked. One could also reason that there are plans to release a Titanium "Prime Trailer" in the future that could take advantage of the small groove that stores the rifle (though it begs the question of why they would).

There are some minor issues with tightness in this mode, mostly where the robot arms attach to the cab body, and with the cab "hatch" itself, but they're rather small. Overall, I would have to say that this is one mold that was well executed.

Display Stand

As with his fellow Titanium releases, Optimus comes with a rather large display "plate", primarily gray in color, with detailing that makes it look like Cybertronian ground. A name plate is included with his name in white and a large red Autobot Insignia. Unlike Megatron's, the name plate seems a little looser, but it doesn't detract from the overall value. The size is a little more appropriate for Optimus than it does Megatron, as Prime is a little more posable, but still, a smaller, round stand might have been better.

Final Thoughts

II tend to prefer Decepticon molds over Autobot ones, but in this case, Optimus Prime is superior to his Decepticon rival in spades. He's nowhere near perfect - and one shouldn't expect it - but at least with this mold, Hasbro hasn't shown the world that die casting is "a lost art". I highly recommend this one.

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