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Prologue Ghosts Tumble Through Space

All that is, was and will be
Universe much too big to see
Time and space never ending
Disturbing thoughts, questions pending
Limitations of human understanding
Too quick to criticize
Obligation to survive
We hunger to be alive
Metalica - Through the never

He was planning on trading his home world for life.

The planet of Cybertron was dark and dismal looking. Unicron's head hung gloomily in the sky like an evil, horned moon. It had eyes again, and that was disturbing to the Autobots. Tripticon slowly pushed the head towards the planet as Dirge and Thrust, inside, sabotaged part of the brain.

Starscream attempted to make the connection, but Trypticon had malfunctioned and he was forced to leave. Starscream let his possession of Trypticon go and glided down to the planet. He stood on the surface of Cybertron, looking up at Unicron.

"Unicron! If you want the connection made, you'd better give me a new body now," the ghost shouted desperately. He was worried that he would not get anything out of their bargain..

"You shall have it." Unicron blasted Starscream with an energy beam from his eyes, making the spectral Seekers body solid and alive again.

"I LIVE AGAIN!" screamed Starscream in delight. He threw his arms into the air. He could feel the solid ground beneath his feet, the warmth and smell of the Cybertron air. He was reveling in the newfound experience. He breathed deep.

"Now do my bidding. Complete the connection." Unicron rumbled interrupting Starscream's private celebration.

Starscream picked up the cables, and looked at them for a moment. "Do it yourself!" Starscream laughed as he tossed the cables to the ground. He looked around. What would his plan be now? Seek and destroy Galvatron? That would be lots of fun!

There was an explosion, cutting Starscream's personal party short. The Autobots, unseen, had planted and detonated an explosive energon charge under Unicron's head, sending Unicron back into orbit, and sending Starscream hurtling through space.

He fell past Galvatron and his troops and as a reflex Galvatron fired a couple of blasts at him. They hit and Starscream screamed as he tumbled head over heels, his body smoking slightly. Faintly he could hear Cyclonus mutter "Wait a minute, since when do ghosts tumble out of control through space?" The Decepticons faded into the distance and consciousness was lost.

Hours, days, months, or could it have been years, had past before he awakened. 'Where am I' he had thought. He felt dizzy from spinning like a mad top. He was still tumbling, but now at a slower speed. The star system that Cybertron was near had faded into the distance till it was but a tiny blue spark of light. He transformed into jet form and fired a brief blast from his jets to stabilize his movement. He was alive. He could feel the biting cold of the vacuum of space.

The word was alive. The glory in it!. But that would not last long if he did not find energy to sustain him. He decided he would find a planet. He remained in jet form and kept his circuits on minimum power and used his present momentum to move him towards a distant yellow sun. Another distant world he and Skyfire had searched eons before. One that had very primitive plants and animals on. One that was not Earth.

Like a derelict ship, Starscream glided silently through space, sleeping, awakening only when he came near a moon or large object. He would use that object's gravity well to sling him faster towards his goal, saving his energy for arrival at the planet. But even at this rate, it was taking him years.

Time was starting to drag on. He could feel its annoying length, between Cybertron and the primitive star system with no way to speed his journey. He was feeling impatient. It bugged him. He could see the star that was his destination but it was still too far away. A good space ship and he would have been there in about a week or two.

He felt weak and wondered if not turning back was such a good idea. Now it was too late for second guesses. Perhaps being murdered by Galvatron a second time might have been nicer than slowly starving to death, due to a lack of energy.

It was a bad time to worry, he decided, and figured he should save his reserves by going into hibernation. A few more months, maybe a year. He was close now.

His guidance system awakened him when the star that was his destination was getting nearer. Silently he rejoiced. He hoped it was not too late. Energy levels thirty one percent of full capacity. The Seeker winced. He hoped he would be strong enough to hunt for fuel.

Chapter 1 - Destitution