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1990 Hasbro: Action Master Starscream

In 1990, the Transformers line was in decline and Hasbro was trying every gimmick they could think of to breathe new life into it. One of these was the Action Masters, which, according to the Marvel Comics series, was the result of exposure to a super fuel called Nucleon, which gave anyone exposed to it tremendous power at the expense of their transformation. The toys themselves were unable to transform however the trade-off was a higher degree of articulation. Though considered a collector's item today, the Action Masters were a dismal failure and are sometimes credited for being the death bell for the original Transformers.

Starscream would be given the Action Master treatment and in a note of sad irony, found himself demoted from being the Decepticons' Aerospace Commander to the role of… ground assault. He retained the familiar head and facial characteristics of his original incarnation, while his upper torso still retained classic air intakes (though in vestigial form) canopy chest, and red colour. However, his general coloration was vastly different; his upper arms were coloured blue while his lower arms and hands became black, his helmet was coloured a light grey and his face was painted black. His wings were no longer on his back behind his shoulders, but rather shrunken down and moulded to the sides of his arms. Starscream came with a vehicle called a turbo-jet that could transform into a battle station.

Action Master Starscream's motto would remain the same as his Generation One incarnation:

Motto: "Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies"

Profile:Armed with null ray rifle that binds its target in bands of energized steel. Turbo jet armed with wing-mounted missile launchers and twin turbo-fan boosters. Photon blaster on nose fires earth-shattering missile bombs. Converts to air-powered battle chariot, armed with force field and 4-stage rocket launcher.

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Photos and Images
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Action Master Jet
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Action Master Battle mode
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Action Master Starscream