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1993 - 1995 Hasbro: Generation Two Starscream

Motto:"I have a code of conduct - victory at all costs!"

Generation Two was Hasbro's first attempt at reviving the transformers franchise. Initially consisting of retooled re-releases of previous figures, G2 would not feature it's own cartoon. Instead, the story would be told in a new comic book release by Marvel, written by Simon Furman, which would last just twelve issues before it was "axed".

Starscream was one of the figures brought back for the new series, and though his basic mould remained unchanged, there were a few changes made to the figure. First was his colour; his red became a salmon pink, the metallic grey to solid white, his blue accents were coloured grey, and his cockpit was changed to lavender-purple. In order to conform him to the more up-to-date toy safety protocols; his missile launchers were redesigned and projectiles made considerably longer.

Generation 2 Starscream possessed an interesting new gimmick. Packaged with the figure was a large, orange sound box that attached to a set of pegs that were moulded into the back of his jet form. Pressing a button on this box would activate a few jet-like sounds.

The transformer in the image is currently incomplete

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Photos and Images
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Incomplete G2 Starscream
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G2 Starscream