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2007 Hasbro: Robot Heroes Starscream

Robot Heroes is a small toy line featuring non-transforming, Generation One themed figurines geared to a slightly younger market. With their large heads, short bodies, and stubby limbs, the three-inch figures resemble the "chibi" style of toys and artwork that are popular in the Asian marketplace. Some may even consider these figures irresistibly cute.

Starscream comes packaged alongside the Autobot Mirage, posed like a proud warrior of old. He's coloured in his familiar red, white and blue colours and has several small details that could have easily been ignored, such as a F-like stripe on his tailfins and a small yellow triangle on his knees. His eyes are coloured yellow instead of the typical Decepticon red, but it's a minor deviation. The articulation is limited to his arms and head, and he's been sculpted so that he's standing on one foot on a silver cloud base. His face has been moulded so his mouth forms a large smirk, so big that it has the effect of making his face look like it's been smushed.

Robot Heroes Starscream won't appeal to all fans. In particular, casual collectors and those how prefer transforming figures are more likely to ignore the figure completely. However, for the Starscream and Transformer completists, it could prove to be an interesting little knick-knack.

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Robot Heroes
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Robot Heroes Side
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