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2006 Hasbro: Classics Starscream

A fresh look at some old friends, Classics was a filler line developed in early 2006 in order to bridge the gap between Cybertron and the 2007 live action movie. The line featured some classic characters in an updated take on their G1 incarnations, including variations of their original alternate forms. Unlike the previous filler line, Robots in Disguise, this line did not feature an animated series. Starscream was included in the first wave of the series' release.

For Classics, Starscream returns to his origins as an F-15 Eagle fighter jet and bears perhaps the closest resemblance to his G1 predecessor than any other incarnation of the character. The feature pattern would perhaps be best described as one best suited for an aircraft in an air show, but he does have the red, grey and blues that have long been associated with the character. His robot mode displays a striking and powerful resemblance to his forerunner in appearance and includes similar coloration on his chest. There are some notable difference, such as the blue around the canopy, red above that, and some red markings on his arms - not all that dissimilar to his Cybertron or War Within incarnations. Classics lived up to its name by reintroducing the heat-sensitive faction stamps; Starscream's is located on his left wing. This is the only means of identifying his allegiance as he has no other insignias moulded or painted on him.

Classics Starscream's transformation is slightly more complex than his G1 counterpart, though nowhere near as intricate as Masterpiece Starscream. He possesses as much articulation as his Robot Masters counterpart thanks to a series of swivel, ball-socket, and pivot joints. His legs can bend at the knees and move around with only the slightest restrictions on movement. The vertical and horizontal tail fins fold up and rotate so that they're flush against his legs, thus avoiding the "big feet" syndrome that plagued his G1 counterpart. He comes with a pair of missile launchers that can be attached to round slots under his wings, in his fists, or on his upper arms. Because of American toy laws, the projectiles for these weapons are overly long and seemingly ungainly; though not all that garish in appearance. They do somewhat replicate to the animated characters' arm rifles in the original series. However, due to their length and position on the upper arm, they do tend to restrict limb movement slightly as they bump into his air intakes or push up against the wings. Despite this flaw, Classics Starscream is definitely a handsome Transformer.

Motto: "My enemies will be left nothing but the ashes of their defeat."

Profile: Ruthless, cold-blooded, and capable, Starscream makes no secret of the fact that he wants to replace Megatron as leader of the Decepticons. The fastest flyer among the Decepticons' ranks and one of the most dangerous warriors to grace the skies of Cybertron, he is still something of a coward. He cares too much for his own skin to ever take the risks the overthrow of Megatron would require.

The Classics Starscream mould would be repainted, modified slightly, and released as Skywarp along with Ultra Magnus as part of an "exclusive two-pack" sold at Target stores. The mould would later be repainted and retooled into Ramjet, which was released to the general market. The Starscream sculpt would later be used to produce the 2007 Botcon exclusive figure Thundercracker, while the Ramjet retool would be used as a basis for Dirge and Thrust, also only available at the 2007 Botcon. Many fans were upset by the news that Thundercracker, Dirge, and Thrust would be available through the convention only. Most generally agreed that the characters deserved to be released to the general market rather than being limited to a few, overpriced figures.

Toy review is available for Classics Starscream

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