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1997 Takara: Beast Wars the Second Starscream and Hellscream

Beast Wars proved as popular in Japan as it was in the rest of the world, so to capitalise, Takara developed a new series, Beast Wars the Second, more commonly referred to as Beast Wars II. While two new moulds were developed for the overall commanders of each side, most of the other characters were repaints, remould, or simply reissues of previously released characters. This line would feature a totally new Starscream, if not in a new meld.

Beast Wars II Starscream was the re-release of the Generation Two figure Smokescreen and was commonly packaged with the figure BB. His alt mode was that of a jet with a strong resemblance to the F/A-22 Raptor and his main colours were purple and black with yellow missiles. He could combine with BB to form a "superjet" of sorts. His personality was somewhat similar to that of G1 Starscream, though the two were never intended to be the same character.

In the animated series, Starscream was considered one of the more "sophisticated" of the Destrons. He would often pump himself up for battle by listening to Wagner (a possible precursor to RiD Sky Byte's interest in poetry) and was often partnered with the brutish BB. In many ways, Starscream and BB's relationship is remarkably similar to that of the later characters Ransack and Crumplezone in Cybertron. Starscream would often scheme to take over leadership from Galvatron and Megastorm (later Gigastorm), though his plans would eventually backfire on him.

In episode 33 of the series, Starscream would be exposed to an energy source known as Angolmois energy when Gigastorm threw him into a lava pit riddled with the energy. The energy reacted with his cruel and hateful personality and he evolved into a monsterous cybernetic shark, re-emerging more cruel and ruthless than before, as well as a new persona: Hellscream.

Hellscream was retool of the Beast Wars figure Cybershark and bears the appearance of a hellish cross between a shark and submarine. The head became a threathening blade, the tail fin a large tubine, the dorsal fin a sub's sail, and the pectoral fins wicked looking spears. Hellscream was colored a blue-gray, dark green, silver and bits of red, with yellow thrown in for the eyes. Black was also used for the hand, lower legs, shoulders, and missiles. His personality differed little from Starscream; it was now just more pronounced.

BWII Starscream

Profile: Small of body but great of pride, Starscream is the hulking BB's superior officer. A robot of unparalleled ambition, more even than Galvatron's, he dreams of becoming leader himself. His special abilities are the Formation Scream (a combining/separating assault from machine mode) and his two Screamwinder missiles. He enjoys Wagner, and has even psyched himself up [listening to] the composer's pieces when starting an attack.


Profile: This is Starscream's evolved form, created when he was dropped into the Angolmois energy by Gigastorm. His hatred reacted with the evil Angolmois energy. Now he is even more cruel and savage than before, attacking his opponents colourfully with such weapons as his Sharkwinders and Terrorstorm. In fact, he is biding his time for a chance to force Gigastorm from power.

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