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1986 Hasbro: Decoy Starscream

Featured in a very short comic strip that served mainly as an advertisement, the Decoy Transformers are considered one of the silliest concepts to emerge in the franchise. According to the comic, the Autobots created the Decoys to use as means to distract the Decepticons long enough to reclaim the Matrix of Creation. Humiliated, the Decepticons developed their own Decoys.

The Decoys were part of a game called "Scramble City" that was released a year earlier in Japan. In the game, one chose a side to play and attempted to defeat the other side through an as yet unknown means (the rules are currently unavailable). A handful of figures were included with the game, but players could expand their sets with figures that were sold separately.

Number 35 out of a total of 52 figures, Decoy Starscream was made of a soft rubber and coloured purple, though a rare red variant exists. One of three identical looking toys, Starscream could be distinguished from Thundercracker (#33) and Skywarp (#34) by the positioning of the arms; Starscream's has both at his sides.

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Decoy Starscream #35
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