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2007 Hasbro: Titanium Starscream (6 inch)

The popular Transformers Titanium line from Galoob and Hasbro has arguably produced some of the most fantastic figures since its initial 2006 release. Along with its 3-inch series, the line also produces die-cast 6-inch figures, which gives the sculptors the opportunity to allow the characters to do what Transformers are best known for: transforming. Although he's appeared a bit late, Starscream is one of the lucky few who've graced the series with his presence.

6" Titanium Starscream is a repaint of an earlier mould that was originally used for his "brother" Thundercracker. The sculpt itself is based on a design created by artist Don Figueroa for Dreamwave's "War Within" comic series, which he based on the "pyramid Seeker" design first seen in the pilot for the original Transformers cartoon. Starscream bears a slight resemblance to his Cybertron/Galaxy Force counterpart, in large part because the latter was also based on the War Within design, though the former is sleeker and more compact.

Titanium Starscream is surprisingly heavy for a figure that stands all of six inches high, due in large to the metal used in the constructing the majority of his body. His vertical tail fin, upper legs, arms and wings are made from a sturdy plastic, while his head, fists, and nose cone are made out of soft rubber, which can be fun to squeeze. Titanium Starscream has a good degree of articulation for a figure this size; though it would have nice if his elbows had been mounted on a ball joint so it could pivot. The figure has been painted in Starscream's traditional red, white, and blues, which are so bright that they make him appear as if he's just stepped off the assembly line. It's apparent that the designers put a great deal of effort into sculpting the figure as close to the Dreamwave design as possible.

Oddly, the tech specs on Starscream's packaging have placed him with a rank of 5, even though he's been considered Megatron's second since beginning of the Transformers franchise. The packaging also lacks a motto but it does include a new and expanded bio that touches on his history before coming to Earth.

Profile: One of the first warriors recruited to the Decepticon cause, Starscream is a vicious warrior and gleeful killer. Most Decepticons keep score of how many Autobots they take out, but Starscream carves himself little trophies out of their pelvic gimbals. As leader of the elite Seeker squadron assigned by Megatron to launch high-speed, surprise assaults on Autobot strongholds, and one of the old guard among the Decepticon leadership, he enjoys more freedom of opinion than many other Decepticons. Megatron is tolerant of his sarcasm and belligerent ambition only because Starscream is simply too efficient an engine of destruction to do without.

It is not only his skill as a fighter that gives Autobots victims pause. Before the war, he was an explorer and scientist, with many friends among the Autobots - Jetfire and Grimlock among them. Even then was a bully and a manipulator, but few who knew him suspected he could be capable of the atrocities now attributed to him.

As was mentioned before, Starscream is a repaint of 6" Titanium Thundercracker, who preceded him in the series. The mould has been reused for Sunstorm, who was released a few months after Starscream, and a Skywarp repaint is planned for the future. It is hopeful that Skywarp will be a released in the general market, rather than being relegated to being a convention "exclusive"; such figures are notorious for being produced in relatively low numbers and priced beyond the range of the general consumer.

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Photos and Images
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Titanium Alt Mode
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Titanium Starscream on Stand
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Thundercracker and Starscream