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1999-2000 Hasbro: Beast Machines

No Starscream figure was ever produced for Beast Machines, nor did he make any appearances in the cartoon series.

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2001-2002 Hasbro: Robots in Disguise

No Starscream figure was ever produced for Robots in Disguise, nor did he make any appearances in the cartoon series.

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2001 Hasbro: Transtech

Transtech was envisioned as the "prequel" to Beast Wars and Beast Machines and featured several familiar characters in new forms. One of the characters slated to "return" was Starscream, and concept art did surface for the figure. Unfortunately, the failure of Beast Machines to live up to the success of its predecessor meant that Transtech never made it past the design stage and was ultimately cancelled.

No toys were produced aside of a couple prototypes.

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2003-2005: Transformers: Universe

Universe was a general release toyline that primarily featured repainted figures from previous lines. No Starscream figure was ever produced for this series, however, there were at least two characters released with connections to a Starscream character.

The first Starscream related character released in the line was Ramjet, a repaint of the Armada Sky Warp figure, who himself was a repaint and slight retool of Armada Starscream. Most of the changes made were physical; the canards under the cockpit were replaced with small gun barrels, fans were sculpted into the horizontal tail stabilisers, and the head was completely remoulded. Ramjet also came with a Mini-con jet, a repaint of Sky Warp's Thunderclash. Ramjet's sound effects and gimmicks were the same as the original figure he was based on. For more information on these features, please see the Armada Starscream entry.

In comic series that came with the early Universe figures, Ramjet was one of four generals recruited by Unicron to reignite the war between Cybertron's leading factions. He would play a leading role in the series right up until the line was discontinued.

Another figure released in the Universe line with connections to a Starscream character was Overbyte, the North American release of the Beast Wars II figure Hellscream. Sold as a Target exclusive figure packaged with the Autobot Repugnus, himself a repaint of the Beast Wars Fuzor Buzzclaw, Overbyte bore little change from his Japanese counterpart. A small knob was added to his blade weapon to conform to the tougher safety standards in American markets and there were slight changes to his paint scheme, most notably around his head. For more information on this figure, please see the Beast Wars II entry for Starscream and Hellscream.

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2003-2006 Hasbro/Takara: Transformers Alternators

Known as BinalTech in Japan, Alternators was a largely collectors oriented line featuring G1 characters that transformed into familiar brands of cars and trucks. While Alternators figures were constructed primarily of standard grade plastics, BinalTech featured die-cast parts and is generally preferred by some fans over its North American counterpart. The series was originally intended to consist of only Autobot characters, but thanks to high demand from fans, it was later expanded to include Decepticon characters.

While several Decepticon characters have appeared in Alternators - including those who were never automobiles - Starscream has not. Although he is a popular character among fans, perhaps its understandable that he hasn't been included when one considers the series' gimmick and the fickle nature of the franchise's following. While there has been some demand for military-themed Alternators, it's unlikely that such a figure will be made in the foreseeable future. In early 2006, Takara cancelled its BinalTech series and shortly thereafter Hasbro announced that it was putting Alternators on hiatus, at least until after the release of the 2007 movie.

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