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1989 Hasbro: Pretender Starscream

Motto: "Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies"

Released in 1989 and closely associated with the Marvel Comic being circulated at the time, Starscream was one of only two Decepticons that took a human form for his Pretender form; the rest had monster-like shells. The shell itself was made of a light teal-coloured plastic painted with white and blue and came with a tight fitting, brown helmet and big blue gun. The Pretender Shell splits into two halves, revealing the robot in within. The Shell has virtually no articulation; the arms move up and down, but that's all.

Starscream the jet had a very simplified transformation. His legs moved apart slightly, the canopy and nose folded down to reveal the head, and his wings either rotated or popped off completely. The tail fins became his weapon in robot mode.

Around the same time, K-Mart would release the jet figure as part of their exclusive "Decepticon Legends" line.

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Photos and Images
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Pretender Starscream
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Pretender Starscream Mech
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Pretender Starscream Jet