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2004 - 2005 Takara: Robot Masters Starscream

Robot Masters was another brief Japanese exclusive toy line released by Takara. The line featured new sculpts of familiar characters as well as repaints and retools of previous figures packaged with a small comic and a DVD featuring a small CGI cartoon. Starscream was one of the figures released in the first wave.

Robot Masters Starscream not only captured the realism of his jet mode but also bore a very close resemblance to the robot mode of his animated G1 predecessor. His transformation was different and slightly more complex than the original however. His legs could be pulled away from each other and could turn horizontally. He also had joints on his elbows, though he still could not reach out to the sides. His head came out of his nose cone, which folded flatter against his back than was possible on his G1 counterpart. In many ways, he bore a very strong resemblance to his appearance in the Dreamwave comic series. He could not fire any projectiles, but his arm turrets did bear a near accurate likeness to their appearance on the original animated character. He was packaged with a pair of chrome coloured missile launchers that could be attached to his chest.

Profile: A genius of guile, capable of reaching speeds up to 950mph in his normal jet mode. Fancies himself as handsome and seeks to take control of the Destron forces. Being a former scientist, he is quite used to handling solitarium.

Interestingly, in the story for Robot Masters, Starscream was subordinate to the Beast Wars Megatron, though he had no intention of staying that way.

This figure would later be released in a primarily black colour scheme used predominately on his torso, forearms, feet, vertical tail stabilisers and wings. A rather handsome looking character, Black Starscream was sold exclusively through the Japanese publication Figure King Magazine and was limited to a total production of 3000 figures. According to the RM story, his new colours were caused by exposure and handling of an element called solitarium, making him considerably more powerful than before. The figure also came with a gold-coloured trident, possibly another effect from the solitarium, perhaps constructed from the element itself.

The mould for RM Starscream was later repainted as Thundercracker and Skywarp who were sold together in a two-pack. Although the series was eventually canned, a few fans still hope that the sculpt will resurface as Sunstorm, or a "ghost" variation, or possibly both.

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Photos and Images
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Robot Masters Starscream
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Robot Masters Starscream
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Robot Masters Starscream
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Robot Masters Starscream
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Robot Masters Starscream
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Robot Masters Starscream