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2003 Takara: World's Smallest Transformers Starscream

World's Smallest Transformers (WST) was a small, short lived line released almost exclusively in Japan and featured familiar characters in smaller forms of themselves. The series was sold in a manner akin to a shell game, with figures packaged in individually sealed, unmarked boxes, making it nearly impossible to tell what a buyer was getting until he or she opened the box. Fortunately for his fans, Starscream was a relatively common figure.

WST Starscream's appearance in his jet and robot modes was nearly identical to that of his G1 counterpart. The only major difference was scale; from nose to tail his jet mode was only three inches in length. His transformation was also unique - perhaps the best way to describe it is that he "falls apart" during his change.

There were two releases of the figure, one in Wave 1 and another in Wave 2.5, the latter being the last before the line was axed. The second Starscream had a very subtle difference from his earlier counterpart: this figure had a metallic black canopy while the earlier toy bore a simple solid black canopy.

There were at least two re-colours of WST Starscream during the series' run, Skywarp and Thundercracker, which were very rare and thus difficult to find. The figure was also remoulded slightly to become WST Thrust. There have also been a pair of knockoff figures done in transparent plastic bearing the colours of Skywarp and Thundercracker, and as of this writing there have been sightings of knockoffs with transparent, black, and transparent Sunstorm colour schemes.

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Photos and Images
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Starscream Jet
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Starscream robot Mode
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