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2006 Hasbro: Attacktix Starscream

Fans of science fiction have debated the outcomes of fantasy battles between the various series almost since the inception of the genre. Could the starship Enterprise defeat the Battlestar Galactica? Could Superman beat the Incredible Hulk in arm wrestling? Is Unicron more than a match for the Death Star? In 2006, Hasbro released a new game that would allow fans of Star Wars and Transformers to settle their differences once and for all: Attacktix. With Attacktix, players could set up classic rivalries like Vader versus Skywalker or even mix and match universes so that Vader could face off against Megatron.

Starscream is number eight in the series and classified as rare. The Attacktix figure is his Cybertron incarnation, and shares the same coloration as his NAR Voyager-sized counterpart - silver, burgundy, and black with a violet cockpit. His articulation is limited to his arms at the shoulder and his waist, mostly so that his massive weapons arm can be aimed at a target. The projectile that fits into this arm is very large, ungainly, and coloured a bright purple. One should not be fooled by this garish appearance, as Attacktix Starscream can fire his weapon quite a distance away - up to ten feet away! The projectile's shape and distance it can cover are perfect for knocking over an opponent's figure, which seems to be the object of this game.

Finding this figure is a difficult venture, not only because of his classification as "rare" but also because he's only available in booster packs. The booster packs are packaged in such a way that it's impossible to tell what figure is inside until one opens the box, making finding certain characters something of a shell game. It should be noted that the packs are marked so that the buyer can tell if he's getting a Star Wars or Transformers booster.

Attacktix, like many other blind-boxed items, features chase figures that can be found randomly inserted into the packages. They are classified as ultra-rare and are thus hard to come by. These figures can be identified by their bases, which are coated with chrome-colored paint. Otherwise, there's little difference between the chase and original figures; they even have the same stats and number, though if an individual can collect all figures, they'd have a premium team in appearance.

Name: Starscream
Number: 8
Cost: 30
Base Size: 4.5cm
Speed: 6
Weapon: Shooter Large Missile
Power: Rally (Decepticon)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Captain

*Author's Note: The writer's knowledge of the Attacktix game and its rules are rather limited at present. If you have any further information about this subject, please e-mail the author with the details. Your assistance is appreciated.

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Photos and Images
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Attacktix Starscream
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Attacktix Ultra Rare Chase Figure
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Attacktix Starscream and Chase