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2005-2006 Hasbro: Supreme Cybertron Starscream

While Takara would release a smaller, "Voyager"-sized version of Starscream for Galaxy Force, Hasbro would produce a much larger version of the character for Cybertron. At fourteen inches in height, this version holds the record for any figure produced of this particular character, with the possible exception of Masterpiece Starscream. Because of his size and a particular feature included with him, this version is often referred to as "King Starscream" by fans.

Supreme Starscream's alternate mode, articulation, coloration, and transformation are virtually identical to his smaller Galaxy Force counterpart. The only noticeable differences seen so far are that parts of his nose fold up and the gun turrets on either side of his cockpit can move up and down (the Galaxy Force version has these turrets, but they're fixed in place). This version also comes with a gold crown similar in design to the one from the original animated movie, which fits upon his head, giving him a rather regal appearance. He also comes with two Cyber Keys, the typical silver Decepticon key and a dark blue, gold trimmed Earth Cyber Planet Key. These keys fit into a slot in the top of his arms; insert one into the left arm and a sword flips out; inserting the other into the slot in his right arm triggers an arm cannon, capable of firing a single missile. He also came with lights and sounds, activated by pressing a small button hidden in the top of his left intake.

For all the strengths of this figure, it does have some blatant weaknesses. Most notable is that his hands have been moulded into the typical clenched fists of smaller figures. This was particularly disappointing to many fans, especially when past figures of this size, from Beast Machines Cheetor to Armada/Energon Unicron, all had articulated fingers. His basic lack of any real detail to differentiate him from his smaller GF counterpart was another disappointment; to many, his larger, bulkier, and blockier design made him appear less articulate than he really was. While the basic consensus is that Supreme Starscream is a wonderful figure, most fans are in agreement that the Hasbro designers could have done a better job.

Supreme Starscream lacks any "Powerlinx hard points" to attach Mini-con figures and Energon weaponry to his person. This is not unusual for Cybertron figures; several characters, such as Scourge, lacked this feature. Besides, with an ego to match his size, does Starscream really need little things stuck to him?

Supreme Starscream would later be released in Japan as a Toys R' Us exclusive, much like his Galaxy Force counterpart in North America. There is currently no information as to what changes, if any, were made to the figure, for this release.

Profile: Unsurpassed in ego or ambition, Starscream is the scheming second-in-command to Megatron. With his mastery of the sword, null-ray cannons that can disrupt the functioning of even the most hardened Autobot and a vast array of secondary weapons, Starscream is second only to Megatron and Optimus Prime in power. His speed is uncanny often giving slower 'bots the impression that he actually teleports around the battlefield. Left stranded on Earth to battle Jetfire - the only Autobot warrior capable of even coming close to Starscream for speed or skill in aerial combat - he plots to seize a Cyber Planet Key for himself in order to gain the power he needs to finally overthrow Megatron and take command of the Decepticon army. Though his prowess is legendary, he lacks the practical intelligence to hide his ambition from his leader and Megatron is more than aware of his plotting.

In the animated series, Starscream's inflated size was due to his absorption of the spark and power of Primus through the interaction with the Omega Lock and the first three Cyber Planet Keys, which allowed him to grow to the size of a large mountain. Using his new-found power and lava from a nearby volcano to forge a crown, he declared himself king of the Decepticons and then proceeded to attack both Megatron's forces and the Autobots. He proved to be a tough opponent for both sides and was only brought down by the combined powers of Wing Saber and Optimus Prime. However, he would continue to cause trouble - still wearing his crown - for all parties, even growing to the size of Primus himself at one point. He dared to take the "Transformers' god" on twice, only to be defeated both times, the last with Primus using Cybertron's moons as giant bolo clubs to pummel Starscream ("MOMMMMMIEEEEE!"). He was believed to been destroyed in a massive explosion after an epic battle with Galvatron on the Giant Planet, his crown the only thing left of him, though the final episode in the series would suggest that Starscream had survived, causing trouble somewhere in the universe.

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Photos and Images
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14" Supreme Starscream
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Robot Mode
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Robot Mode - Cannon
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Robot Mode - Sword
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Head and Shoulders
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Cyberkey Storage
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