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2002 Hasbro: McDonalds' Happy Meal Armada Starscream

In 1997, as Beast Wars was entering its "TransMetal" phase, the food franchise McDonalds was licensed to release Transformers figures in their Happy Meal lunches. In 2002, Armada made the leap into this market and Starscream was one of the characters that tagged along.

The Armada Starscream created for this series bore the same red, grey, black and yellow colours of his larger cousin, though there were serious differences between the two. The Happy Meal version came with no weapons and had no moving parts other than four wheels and a folding joint. Transformation was extremely simplistic; just fold him over, set him on a flat surface, pull back and let him go. He would roll across the floor a short distance before he flip changed into robot mode. He could combine with other Happy Meal Armada figures to form a strange combiner of sorts, the purpose of which is unknown.

Despite this figure's shortcomings, he is a cute and novel toy that great for a laugh or two, especially when one considers the market he was aimed for.

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Happy meal Armada Starscream
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Happy meal Armada Alt