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2005- 2006 Takara: Galaxy Force Starscream

In 2005, Hasbro and Takara would release a new Transformers line, called "Galaxy Force" in Japan but more commonly known as "Cybertron". Though Hasbro originally intended the new series to be a continuation of Armada and Energon, the Japanese animation company in charge of the new series would treat it as a separate continuity. Hasbro, however, would attempt to shoehorn the new series into the old continuity, causing confusion and debate among fans. The differences in how the two series would be seen and treated would extend to the Starscream character.

Galaxy Force Starscream was initially released in Japan and has become a favourite among fans. The basic design for this character, from vehicle to robot, is based largely on Starscream's appearance in the popular, though now defunct, Dreamwave "War Within" comic series. His alternate mode is that of a Cybertronian airship, commonly referred to as a "pyramid jet" by fans. His primary colours are red, grey and dark blue, with intakes on his shoulders and wings attached directly to his arms. He possesses a set of rolling wheels on his undercarriage and can roll quite well on a hard, flat surface. He has excellent articulation thanks to a series of pivoting and ratcheting joints while the head can turn from side to side, allowing him to admire his view a little better. His mouth is sculpted into a hard scowl, a difference from his Armada counterpart's confident smirk.

The main gimmick for the Galaxy Force figures was similar to that of Armada, save for the fact that it was now "Force Chips" (called "Cyber Keys" in North America), not Mini-cons, that unlocked the special features. Starscream came with a key molded in clear plastic with silver trim around the edge and a dark purple Decepticon insignia in the centre. Inserting the key into a slot on the figure's back would cause a transparent-purple coloured sword to flick out from each arm. He also came with a hand-held gun that fired a single missile that could cover quite a distance - for a toy. It could fit into a slot under his nose cone in jet mode. His transformation was very neat and tidy, lacking a large amount of excess kibble poking out from various locations.

This version of Starscream would be sold in North American markets exclusively at Toys R' Us stores in a two pack with Vector Prime. This release would feature a darker, reversed colour scheme; so dark that some fans have referred to this version as "Thrustscream". Other than this change, along with a key code printed on the back of his Cyber Key, he remained virtually the same.

Profile: Breaking out of the mold of a loyal subordinate to Master Megatron, Starscream is an aloof warrior who has his sights on being leader of the Destrons. In addition to firing his special null beam cannons, he uses his Force Chip for the power of evil, unlocking blades from both arms. His attacks with these weapons inflict fatal wounds, inspiring terror among the Cybertrons.

Constantly plotting behind his leader's back, Starscream is using the Decepticon forces left under his command on Earth to further his own ambitions. He desires the power granted by the Planet Key, believing it will finally give him the power to destroy Megatron and the Autobots. With a mighty array of weapons, including his fearsome null-ray cannons, he is second to none in aerial power and skill with an Energon blade.

Galaxy Force Starscream's depiction in the animated series was perhaps the closest to the classic character's personality, though was not as blatant as his G1 counterpart's. He pretended to be loyal to Master Megatron (simply "Megatron" outside Japan), but was, in fact, secretly plotting to take command from him. When the opportunity arose, he trapped the Decepticon commander and several members of his army, defeated every Autobot on his own, and took possession of the Omega Lock and Cyber Planet Keys. He would then proceed to attempt to absorb the power and spark of Primus in order to become the most dominate force in the known universe.

GF Starscream was an incredible character in the original Japanese series. He had a great characterisation, which many fans considered particularly "bad ass". The voice actor gave him a beautiful voice, described as "chocolaty" by one fan, though most outside Japan couldn't understand him without the aid of subtitles.

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Galaxy Force Starscream
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Galaxy Force Starscream
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Galaxy Force Starscream