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2006 Hasbro: Titanium Starscream (3 inch)

Starscream's legacy continues with his entry into the Titanium toy line, released in the summer of 2006 and featuring ships and characters from several series. One of the first Transformers figures to be released, this version featured the character in his original, G1 animated robot mode. His legs and body are made from die cast metal with plastic arms and wings, and he was painted in his familiar colours. The Decepticon insignia on his wings have been inverted and are painted blue instead of the typical purple. He holds a grey PVC gun in his left hand and is mounted on a stand sculpted to resemble an exhaust cloud set on a plastic base in the shape of the Decepticon emblem. He could be posed only slightly and could not transform.

Profile: The treacherous second-in-command of the Decepticons and leader of the Decepticon Sky Command, Starscream is a name feared by all who hear it. He plots constantly to usurp Megatron, but is native cowardice and lack of subtlety prevents him from succeeding. Still, his powerful null-ray blasts, which cripple any electrical system they hit, command respect.

The online retailer BigBadToyStore provided a different, nobler bio for Titanium Starscream, which has been included here, if only for its humour value:

"Of all of the Decepticon minions, Megatron never commanded any warrior more loyal and self-sacrificing than Starscream. Time and again, Starscream went that extra mile to demonstrate his nobility and reliability.

"In the movie, after Megatron took his monstrous thrashing at the hands of Optimus Prime, Starscream did everything he could to preserve his former leader, and then took the reigns of leadership in reluctant fashion, knowing all along that he could never replace the one true leader that he admired and respected.

"This 3" version depicts Starscream in his Gen 1 Seeker jet look, battle-ready and thrusting upwards from a sculpted exhaust cloud base. This is Starscream portrayed in his usual heroic light, fighting for the Decepticon cause but nonetheless dictated by a dense core of honour and fearless discipline. Now is your chance to pay proper tribute to one of the greatest heroes of the Transformers struggle."

It's possible that the author of the above profile simply got the G1 character confused with his Armada counterpart, but given the personality of the former, a fan could easily fantasise that G1 Starscream had a hand in writing this.

As of this writing, a repaint of the figure as Thundercracker is planned to be released in the near future.

"Gen 1" and "Seeker" are fan-made terms; Seeker being of unknown origins and not used in canon until the Dreamwave "War Within" comic series.

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3" Titanium Starscream